Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nuffnang has been hacked by Gaysec

The has been hacked and 35, 531 accounts have been compromised. This means, our nuffnang password is vulnerable. If you are one of the nuffnangers use the same password for your online banking etc..Please change it NOW!!

The hacker that named themselves as Gaysec has been hacked Streamyx, Gengblogger, Advertlets, EC-Council Academy, CIMB and TV3. Although no intrusion has been proven as of yet and there are no interruptions in service.Please change your password for security reason.

EC-Council Academy? I've been there before to listen how to secure our web...huhu..they also being target by this hack activities. The named of EC-Council Academy Sdn Bhd is purely one of 450 training locations EC-Council has in over 80 countries. They should improved their security as well.

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