Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grandma (66 years) gave birth to triplets

At the age of 66, she gave birth to three children at once, having married more than 44 years. This makes she the world's oldest woman, who gave birth to twins three.
 Women living in Haryana, India, has been through years of waiting to have a child. Various fertility programs to multiple tips in the myth it seeks. but nothing worked.

Her husband, Deva Singh, even divorce and remarried with two women to have a baby.
But the widow status, the desire for having children Bhateri Devi still smoldering. They find a way to test-tube baby. Fertilization happens twice failed. However, he did not despair.

Third time to bear fruit. He boldly asked the doctor Mesh and three embryos at once into her womb. With a variety of risks, it finally gave birth to two baby boys and a baby girl in the National Fertility Center (NFC) India, May.

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