Tuesday, December 6, 2011

8 Ferrari smash in Japan

An Epic Smash in Japan yesterday afternoon involving 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes, a Lamborghini, a Skyline and a humble Toyota Prius (which was in the wrong place at the wrong time)...Ten people were rushed to hospital but none of their injuries were said to be serious.

Police said the accident occurred on an uphill curve when the 60-year-old driver of the Ferrari leading the pack lost control while trying to overtake another vehicle.

Sports Nippon estimates the value of the vehicles to be 300million yen (£2.5million).

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fenomena Ustaz Don

Korang pernah tengok tak rancangan 30 minit Ustaz Don...Pehh...Sekali aku terbuka rancangan nie, terus tak berganjak beb... Ilmu yang diajar terus dapat diterima dengan baik dan sambil dia membaca al-quran dengan gerakan mulut dia yang jelas...aku dengan serta merta terikut sekali...Suka sangat mendengar celoteh Ustaz Don nie penuh dengan Ilmu... Aku berharap dapat menimba ilmu dengan rancangan nie..daripada aku dok tontonan benda yang merepek...Ustaz Don nie memang memukau...Alhamdullilah...Dengan Kehadiaran Ustaz Don yang memberi ceramah dan Ilmu di TV sebagai satu cabang komunikasi kepada para remaja dan kanak-kanak sangat berkesan..  

Ustaz Ustaz Don Daniyal Bin Don Biyajid nie mmg sempoi giler, kelakar, dan muda pulak tu..hehe...setiap kali tgk rancangan nie..aku tak pernah mengantuk...tergelak adalah...slumber giler dia ceramah...Tahniah TVAlhijrah kerana menemui seseorang yang sangat berkaliber tuk mendidik masyarakat zaman sekarang yang serba moden ini...Bukan senang nak mengajak muda mudi sekarang tuk mendengar ceramah...lagi-lagi di TV...senang2 jer boleh tukar siaran...Satu Revolusi yang baru dan bakal diterima di pelusuk tanahair...

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Bella Swan Wedding Gown

Finally..Bella marries Edward..

Here a little synopsis for the Breaking Dawn Part 1 :

Near the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Bella marries Edward. They spend their honeymoon on Isle Esme, a fictional small island that was given to Esme as a gift from Carlisle. They consummate their marriage, but their lovemaking sparks a conflict between the newlywed couple: Edward is horrified that he has bruised his wife, but Bella insists that she is fine and wants Edward to make love to her again. He vows not to do so again while she is still human. He eventually gives in. Afterwards, Bella becomes very sick and realizes that she is pregnant with Edward's child.

Edward is shocked and rushes Bella home to see Carlisle, who, as a doctor, confirms that she is expecting a child. As the pregnancy takes a toll on Bella's health, Edward tries to talk her into having an abortion to save her own life. However, Bella feels a bond with her unborn child and insists on giving birth. Soon, Edward comes to love the baby as well, after he hears its thoughts and learns that the baby loves Bella in return and doesn't mean to hurt her.

Bella nearly dies giving birth but Edward successfully delivers their baby girl and then injects his venom into Bella's heart, thus healing her wounds by turning her into a vampire. During Bella's painful transformation, Jacob imprints—an involuntary process in which a shape-shifter finds his soul mate on the baby, Renesmee Cullen.

After a vampire named Irina mistakes Renesmee for an immortal vampire child (a creation that is forbidden in the vampire world), the Volturi arrive to destroy the Cullens as punishment for the alleged transgression. Edward stands with Bella and their allies to convince the Volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child and poses no threat to their existence. Once the Volturi leave, Edward and Bella are finally free to live their lives in peace with their daughter.

..Bella Shoes..

The Gown totally be the best Wedding Gown of the Year 2011...
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