Friday, January 20, 2012


The awesome movie in 2011. They rocks!!

'Pink as the bing on your cherry
Pink cause you are so very
Pink its the color of passion
cause today it just goes with the fashion'

My Favorite Scene.
 'I'm just a crazy kind of girl
I'll tell it to the world
I've just begun
Havin' my fun (yeah)
Inside there's somethin I found
I wanna shop around
I've just begun
 Don't wanna settle down'

Awesome song from Britney Spears...So cool...I'm fall in love with this song...

the embarrassing moment in the movie. So sad..the gown is beautiful..but ruined already..huhu...

The awesome character from Sookie (Gilmore Girls). Melissa McCarthy.
If you guys still did not see the movie yet, you better watch really make my day...

Life in Danger

Every single day, children and adult are risking their life to school and work at Lepak, Indonesia.

Clinging for dear life on a disintegrating wood-and-wire suspension bridge, children as young as five take their lives into their hands fowarding the Ciberang River every day.

 Their Government should do something about it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Special Flash Drive from Kit Kat

To appreciate the staff for the highest sale for this two week...

My hubby dapat cenderahati and incentive from thier bos..syukur alhamdulillah...
but this gift haruslah aku yg dapat..hehe..nice sgt flash drive nie..

Teringat balik masa terima anugerah dekan dulu dapat sorang satu pen ala2 parker with our college name on it...but this more useful than that..isn't it? hehe...asal ado...haha..

Teruskan usaha Sayang...Love you...

Van Milo

This week aku dapat the last collection of Van Milo from OmniTeam.. double in a row..Thanks guys..

My Own Collection

If u guys pernah baca blog sya sebelum nie, the early half collection diberi pada Harris..see here. He love it so much.

My Collection

Harris's Collection

The total I got for Van Milo is 12..a dozen..waahh..dasyat..hehe..

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sex Change in Marriage

In 2002, Barry decided to marry Anne...

In 2002, in the wedding ceremony

After 10 years of marriage they decided to renewing their vows...But this time Barry no longer being a husband..He change his sex to be a woman called Jayne.. 

'To me, our second wedding was much more special than our first as I knew Jayne was finally comfortable with who she was.'
'People may think I'm weird or a freak. But all that matters to me is that Anne loves me,' Jayne said.
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