Friday, May 20, 2011

Celcom hampeh part 2

huhu..sian btl nasib aku..mase pakai celcom..line slow yg amt..x syok langsung...
la nie aku da terminate line die...service hampeh gak..tension..

Hubungan yg terputus tu aku xder sambung mane2 line lagi...aku rase mcm same jer service diorng nie..maybe kalu nak tukar aku nak try gune unifi..mcm gempak jer...

ok, back to story, just now I received an email from celcom online about my last bill, so in the bill stated that I have some big amount to be refund to me...but they never tell me how they going to refund to I call them and ask about that..

You know what they say, ONLY AFTER 3 MONTH, CLIENT SHOULD CALL THE CUSTOMER CARE LINE AND ASK TO REFUND THE MONEY, then I ask them why u have to wait until 3 month?and the answer : the system only change to refund status after 3 month of the termination.

Ohh..I blood going high..but still can maintain see what it mean??

So then I ask him again to make it even clear..It is my money will gone if I forgot to ask for refund after this 3 month...

Him said : No, the money is still in our account.
Me : But I said if I forgot about that money, and are you going to call me to remind me about that refund?
Him said : No. we wouldn't call.

So...I have to remind myself...I better put that in my calendar right now...easy money from us...

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