Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DiGi WWWOW Awards

WOW....!!, Digi just launched their first people's choice Internet awards for Malaysia. Just Imagine, the whole wide world, Malaysian people used most of the time surfing the internet, chating and so on...and this awards definitely for us guys...

A collaborative project with ASTRO,,, Google, Yahoo! MSN,, Nuffnang bloggers,, Malaysia Airlines, Flickr, Karangkraf and the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA), winners will be nominated and voted for by Malaysian Netizens. That so cool babe...

Running from 21 April – 20 June 2011, the DiGi WWWoW Awards pays tribute to ordinary Malaysians who are doing extraordinary things online – from publishing their own opinions, producing their own TV shows, starting new businesses, or mobilising the power of the Internet for good causes.

According to DiGi’s Head of Marketing Services, Sulin Lau, “Malaysians are a creative bunch and the collaborative power of the Internet has allowed them to share ideas, exchange opinions, and meet potential collaborators easily, which has resulted in the creation of amazing, new and original content. Hence, it is DiGi’s mission this year to offer more, better and wallet-friendly ways for people to connect online.  We believe that the Internet is for all and that Malaysia is ready for something like the WWWoW Awards.”

Malaysians can vote for their favourites on There are sixteen awards up for grabs:
1.      Top Makan Makan Expert Award
2.      Top Kay Poh Award
3.      Fave Tech Head Award
4.      Online Shop of The Year Award
5.      Blogger of the Year Award
6.      Video of the Year Award
7.      Must Follow Personality Award
8.      Picture of the Year Award
9.      Top LOL (humour) Award
10.     Best Internet for Good Award
11.     Fave Malaysian Male Online Celebrity Award
12.     Fave Malaysian Female Online Celebrity Award
13.     Fave Person over 40 Award
14.     Fave Person under 15 Award
15.     Online Story of the Year Award
16.     Best Internet For All Idea/Campaign Award

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