Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lexus car stuck in the Wet Cement??

What a shame this lady driver to enter on the wet cement...and if you wanna know this owner of the car is a lawyer...Can't you see the orange cone there...hmm...

HOUSTON, United States (U.S.) - A woman driver had to be saved after the Lexus GS luxury car type, costing U.S. $ 70,000 (RM208, 963) are driven stuck on wet cement, a newspaper said yesterday.

The incident happened last Wednesday when the woman tried to make a U turns and enter the road is being repaired here.

In the picture published on the Internet, the driver of the woman still inside the vehicle when the incident occurred.

However, a witness told the police arrived at the scene after the workers reached the road repair.

"The car was pulled out by a tow truck about 20 minutes after the car is blocked while the road was repaired again 15 minutes later," the witness said.


  1. What ashame.. How could that car being stuck on the cement?

  2. One word can describe the driver was 'negligent'... She must think that the orange cones that were there with a good reason for not entering the area...


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